About Space Squad

Space Squad is the worlds first squad based scrolling space shooter. Combining classic retro gameplay with innovative squad control and customisation mechanics this old genre has been revitalised for free not just on Android but now hosted on this very site (click to play).

Start by selecting a squad formation and then choose which advantages you want. Do you want stealth, shields or laser? or do you want all three? Be careful though, the more advantages you choose the higher the cost of your ships, meaning the less you can afford (extra lives). Once you have outfitted your squad it is time to head out against the enemies of mankind! As you innevitably loose fighters, replacements will warp in to take thier place but when you run out of reinforcements it's game over.

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The emphasis when assembling this game was placed on exciting enemies and bosses with unique and engaging behaviours. You won't find an endless drudge of mindless 'shoot forwards' enemies getting gradually faster and stronger as the game progresses. Instead you will find heat seekers, deadly 'beam ships' that can clear a whole squad as they sweep past and carriers that spew out squads of tiny ships.


screenshot of space squad
screenshot of space squad
screenshot of space squad
screenshot of space squad
screenshot of space squad


"Thomas Nind can live up to his promise of a completely new and revolutionary gameplay concept"

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